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Anthony Eficaz

How To Create An eBook – For Amateurs

Self-published authors, beginners or the average person do not have the luxury to hire a publishing firm to convert their book written on hard paper or a Word document into an eBook. Such people have to rely on their brain and the good old Google to transform a long text file into a format that is compatible with:

  • Nook
  • iPad
  •    Kindles of every generation
  •    eReader apps for laptops and computer
  • Cell phones and mobiles
  •    Tablets

Most of these gadgets have the unique file extension they use to open an eBook. Think of it like .doc file extension being used by Microsoft Word and the .xls extension by Microsoft Excel. Just like you can’t open a .cdr picture in every photo viewer, you can open a .mobi book in every e-reading device.


For a new writer, it means that they need to generate an eBook format in each file extension utilised by each gadget. Only then can they ensure that every potential customer can buy and read your book. So, how do you create an e-book in every file format? The easiest tool is an online eBook converter. You need to upload your Word doc or Text file, then choose the format you want to create and then click a button!


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